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To know about the founder and her story. 

Michelle Yuen

“I took my dad's gem to make some jewelry. Dad's gems are gorgeous, I guess you will love them like I did.”

After graduating, I started working with my father in the wholesale business of Australian opal rough stones. From raw materials to finished products, from finished products to transactions, I was responsible for quality inspection and grading of these opal stones. Every day of learning made me realize the beauty of opal that other gemstones cannot compare to. However, I found that almost all of the orders were sent to places outside of Hong Kong. Looking back, opal jewelry seems to be rare in Hong Kong's jewelry stores, and even if I occasionally see it, the styles are not attractive to the younger generation and the prices are far beyond what they can afford.

Based on my own understanding of opal and the discovery of the market shortage, I boldly began my journey into opal jewelry. Well, actually, it's not that good as I said. I just had a month off during the pandemic and was too idle to find something to do. But people surprisingly liked my designs, and I was really happy and unexpectedly pleased. So I continued and hope that everyone will continue to support me in the future!

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