Violet Opal, some would describe as blue opal, as the name suggests, is a type of opal that possesses a purple color. It belongs to the category of crystal opals and can be classified as a violet opal based on its clean and vibrant purple color. While it is a type of crystal opal, it does not typically exhibit a play of color, unlike the dazzling red, blue, and green fire opals. However, it is precisely the pure and delicate purple hue that sets it apart from other crystal opals, offering a sense of tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle.

violet opal

What you see in front of you are carefully selected violet opals, known for their cleanliness and translucency. However, like all natural gemstones, most rough opals contain cotton-like inclusions or internal features. Opal is a sedimentary rock, and during its formation, it solidifies along with other minerals or organic matter, giving rise to the inclusions we observe. Inclusions are natural substances present in the majority of gemstones; the difference lies in their size and quantity. It is the irregular and unordered arrangement of these inclusions that allows us to identify each natural gemstone.

Michelle Yuen Jewelry's Round Band Ring - Blue uses Australian violet opal / blue opalMichelle Yuen Jewelry's Drizzle Opal Necklace uses Australian violet opal / blue opal

Violet opal / blue opal set in Michelle Yuen Jewelry's Round Band Ring - Blue & Drizzle Opal Necklace.

Many customers may wonder why they sometimes see shades of orange or red within opals. Is it a misperception? In fact, it is quite the opposite. You haven't mistaken anything; it is one of the characteristics of opals. When light passes through an opal and is reflected, it produces a warm glow reminiscent of a sunset. The more transparent the opal, the more dazzling the warm orange-red light it emits. The transparency and clarity of violet opals make them excellent filters for displaying this warm light. Due to their exceptional translucency, violet opals appear differently depending on the colors of the clothes worn. The purple of a violet opal is beautifully complemented by dark background colors, such as when you have a healthy complexion or wear dark clothing. On the other hand, the subtle elegance of a violet opal can be best displayed against light-colored backgrounds, such as when you have fair skin or wear light-colored garments. Whether your style is dark or light, violet opals can serve as the perfect complement in your versatile fashion choices.

Michelle Yuen Jewelry - Round Band Ring - BlueMichelle Yuen Jewelry - Violet Crystal Opal Pendant

Michelle Yuen Jewelry's Round Band Ring - Blue & Violet Crystal Opal Pendant feature violet opals.

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