Prong Setting

The first type of setting is Prong Setting. Prong setting is a jewelry setting technique that uses small metal prongs to secure gemstones onto a piece of jewelry to showcase and protect the gemstone. This technique is essential in creating high-quality jewelry as it enhances the beauty and value of the piece while also increasing the stability and security of the gemstone.

Prong setting is commonly used for setting diamonds, gemstones, and pearls. Metal prongs are positioned around the gemstone and fastened onto the piece of jewelry, while also maintaining the shine and beauty of the gemstone.

Prong setting can be achieved in different ways, each with its own advantages and limitations. Four-prong setting is one of the most common ways, using four metal prongs to secure the gemstone onto the jewelry. It provides good protection for the gemstone while also allowing enough light to enter the stone, making its shine and color more vibrant. Six-prong setting is another common way, using six metal prongs to secure the gemstone. It provides better protection than the four-prong setting and is also more secure. Additionally, a six-prong setting can enhance the stability of the gemstone, making it less likely to fall out or get damaged.

tailor-made black opal pendant with 4 prongs setting

Prong setting is an essential part of setting precious gemstones. Different prong setting techniques can meet different needs, but their common goal is to make your jewelry more beautiful, durable, and secure.

Advantages of prong setting: Prong setting uses the least amount of metal to hold your gemstone securely onto the jewelry and showcases the full body of the gemstone, including its front, back, left, and right sides, allowing you to appreciate the gemstone from different angles.

Disadvantages of prong setting: Compared to bezel setting, prong setting cannot protect the four sides of the gemstone that are exposed. There is a chance that the gemstone may crack due to impact. Additionally, when wearing a prong-set piece, there is a chance that it may snag on your knitted sweater and cause the sweater to unravel.

When to choose prong setting: If you want your jewelry to exude an elegant vibe, prong setting would be your top choice. If you own a unique gemstone, prong setting would also be your go-to option. The simple design of prong setting allows you to appreciate your gemstone from multiple angles while wearing it.


Bezel Setting

The second type is Bezel Setting. Bezeling is a jewelry setting technique that is commonly used for setting gemstones and diamonds. It involves cutting notches in the metal frame to fit the shape of the gemstone, and then setting the gemstone into the metal frame. Bezeling can enhance the beauty and value of the jewelry, while also protecting the gemstone from damage. Compared to prong setting, bezeling offers better protection because the metal frame completely surrounds the gemstone, protecting it from external impacts. Bezeling also increases the stability and security of the gemstone, making it more firmly attached to the jewelry.

When choosing jewelry, bezeling is usually a more conservative choice because it provides better protection and security. In addition, bezel-set jewelry can better accommodate daily wear because it does not snag on clothing or other items. Overall, bezeling has advantages in protecting gemstones, while also increasing their beauty and value. When choosing jewelry, considering the use of bezeling is a good choice.

Bezel Setting of Boulder Opal

Advantages of bezel setting: Bezeling can better protect your gemstones, especially pearls, and often prevents cracking due to impact without affecting the appearance. If you are a mother with a small baby, you don't have to worry about the ring scratching your baby. You can even hold or play with your baby without worrying about hurting their skin.

Disadvantages of bezel setting: Because bezeling covers the edges, it cannot showcase the gemstone to its maximum extent, and you can only appreciate the gemstone from the front.

When is it appropriate to choose bezel setting? If you want to give your gemstone the best protection, bezeling is your first choice. If you are taking care of a baby, bezeling can make you look beautiful, while also protecting your baby from being scratched by the sharp edges of the gemstone or metal.


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