At Michelle Yuen Jewelry, we pride ourselves on ethically sourcing the finest Australian opals directly from trusted miners in southern Australia. Our commitment to ethical practices and firsthand acquisition of raw opal materials sets us apart in the opal jewelry industry. Unlike relying solely on certificates, our experience with these select miners ensures a level of trust and quality that certificates alone cannot provide.

Australia is renowned for its opal mines, each producing opals with distinct qualities. Michelle Yuen Jewelry features opals primarily from esteemed locations like Coober Pedy, White Cliff, and Lightning Ridge. Our opals are known for their transparency and the mesmerizing array of colors they exhibit through diffraction, with some pieces being rare opalized shells, adding to their unique allure.

Ethically sourced Australian opal rough from Michelle Yuen Jewelry, showcasing the unique beauty and quality of our materials.

The legacy of Michelle Yuen Jewelry began in the 1980s when Michelle’s father started purchasing raw opal materials from Australia. Over the years, he has built invaluable connections within the opal mining community, witnessing the growth of miners and their families. This deep-rooted history and personal journey contribute to our profound understanding and appreciation of opal's impact.

Opals have enriched the lives of Australian miners and their families, as well as our team in Hong Kong. Through Michelle Yuen Jewelry, we aspire to share the extraordinary beauty and story of opals with the world, highlighting our dedication to ethical sourcing and the unique wonders of Australian opals.


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