All of the opals used by Michelle Yuen Jewelry are first-hand raw materials purchased by ourselves from select miners we know and trust in southern Australia. Our experience is more reliable than certificates. There are several opal-producing mines in Australia, and the quality of opals from different areas may vary slightly. Michelle Yuen Jewelry's opals mainly come from mines such as Coober Pedy, White Cliff, and Lightning Ridge. The stones are transparent and exhibit various colors through diffraction. Some of the stones are even opalized shells.

This is a photo of Michelle Yuen Jewelry's opal rough.

Michelle's father began purchasing raw opal materials from Australia in the 1980s, and has established and accumulated a lot of connections. He has also witnessed some miners grow from young to start families, which is a very precious experience.

Opals have not only nurtured miners and their families, but also us in Hong Kong. Through Michelle Yuen Jewelry, we hope to let more people know about the wonders of opals.

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